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Our mission is to provide liquidity and growth capital for a select few, exceptional middle-market enterprises. We provide the value-added capital and resources to help these firms realize their maximum potential. We are interested in partnering with companies and owners that share our long-term business philosophy, live and breath customer service, and care about their employees. To those ends, our core values are as follows:

Commitment to stakeholders

We maintain a relentless drive and commitment to add significant long-term value to our shareholders, clients, and the investors.

Personal and Professional Integrity

We stand by the highest professional and ethical standards.

Striving for excellence

We do not compromise on the quality of our work. We do not deviate from our strategy or core competencies. We work only with market leaders.

Commitment to employees

We promise to develop, reward, and challenge our people. We demonstrate the utmost respect to each member of our organizations.


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