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Las Vegas NV- Harold Mills, CEO of ZeroChaos, a global workforce solutions company headquartered in Orlando, accepted the Peter Yessne Staffing Innovator Award at Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) Executive Forum in Las Vegas yesterday. The award, created in honor of SIA founder Peter Yessne, celebrates industry-changing innovations from professionals in the workforce management sector. Mills is honored for launching a business model, idea or action that:

Mills was one of five nominees in the final round of voting, which concluded last week, including industry icons Max Messmer, CEO, Robert Half International Inc.; Michael Willis, CEO, Willis Group of Companies; Steve Vesce, Principle, Endgame Advisors; and Michael Miles, Chairman, SeatonCorp and founder of Staff Management, a SeatonCorp Company.

“Each of these individuals contributed unparalleled innovation to the staffing industry,” said SIA President Barry Asin. “It has been an inspiring journey to move through the nomination process, hear the stories of outstanding industry innovators and tally the votes of our corporate members. Harold Mills has been a leader in driving transparency for customers and simplifying the recruiting process. I am honored to recognize him today as the recipient of the 2010 Peter Yessne Staffing Innovator Award.” ”

A culmination of experiences and expertise led Mills, a 15-year industry veteran, to realize that staffing services purchases could be improved for the customer. His own experience purchasing contract labor for GE, AT&T (formerly Ameritech) and other large companies, shaped his drive to change the process when he switched roles and began providing staffing services. In 2001 he instituted the first Open Book Accounting at ZeroChaos and in 2002 he launched eContractorTM.
Open Book Accounting

Open Book Accounting was developed to answer staffing services buyers’ questions regarding margins and true costs. Today, ZeroChaos shows buyers the exact cost of services including wages, taxes, insurance and profit under its full disclosure pricing model. That unmatched level of openness won over skeptical buyers who had experienced poor service and price deception.

A customer-centered approach to procuring contract labor, eContractor helps companies such as IBM and AT&T leverage their brands and create company-specific databases of contract employees. Through eContractor, staffing buyers can stay vendor neutral while filling needed positions with the most qualified candidates. The approach minimizes purchasing costs because it reduces time spent recruiting for individuals who already want to work for the company.

“I am humbled that my peers and competitors would honor me today with this award. I am awed to be in the good company of my fellow nominees who continue to inspire me to new heights. And it is with great gratitude to the employees and customers of ZeroChaos that I accept this award today. These were merely ideas until the incredible ZeroChaos team took hold of them and brought them to life. I accept this award in their name,” said Mills in an interview following the award presentation.